Microfilm Scanning Solution, Digital ReeL, Selected by California State University, Fresno

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Nearly 450 microfilm rolls and 20 large, physical index books digitally converted and hosted at BMI’s data center; Fresno staff accesses records online, from the Digital ReeL web viewer

Sunnyvale, California – March 31, 2014 – BMI Imaging Systems, a leading provider of microfilm scanners, microfilm scanning services and document management solutions, announced today that Fresno State University, California has selected and successfully using the Digital ReeL microfilm scanning solution.

When the Academic Records Department (Registrar) of California State University, Fresno received a grant to improve the efficiency of the Department, the team decided to digitally convert thousands of academic records that were archived on physical microfilm.

Jenny Diaz, Interim Associate Registrar, states, “An RFP was issued with the initial intention of scanning the microfilm records to PDF and leveraging an existing document management system. However, when presented with the Digital ReeL alternative, the competitive price, non-proprietary image format (PDF, TIFF) and easy-to-use viewer made it the best microfilm scanning option for the Department’s records.”

BMI Imaging created exact, digital representations of each one of the 446 microfilm rolls at the Sunnyvale, California microfilm scanning facility. Fresno State also had a set of physical index books to help locate academic records stored on the microfilm. Fresno State was on the verge of creating a manual manifest in Word or Excel. This would have taken a lot of organization and staff time to complete. BMI proposed the alternative of scanning the large books and hosting the index books alongside the hosted, digital academic records.

Fresno State decided to leverage Digital ReeL’s cloud hosting option. After BMI scanned the microfilm and index books, all digital images were stored in BMI’s secure data center. Today, Fresno State staff log into Digital ReeL’s online viewer to search and retrieve records.

Diaz states, “Finding a record is easy. We can pull the application up from any PC, log in to access the digital index books and the digital microfilm library. We are able to quickly email the PDF or even upload the PDF record to another document management system. We’re saving a huge amount of time and offering better customer service to parties that need access to official academic records”.

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About BMI Imaging’s Digital ReeL

Digital ReeL is a complete California microfilm scanning solution. BMI will convert your microfilm to virtual, digital microfilm rolls at one of our secure facilities (on-site option available). The Digital ReeL microfilm scanning service creates a digital, virtual replica of your original microfilm (or microfiche) – the entire microfilm roll is digitally converted. The Digital ReeL microfilm conversion solution includes an easy-to-use viewer that emulates microfilm retrieval from a reader printer. Users retrieve virtual microfilm rolls from a computer, avoiding the hassles that come with physical microfilm and legacy reader printers.

About BMI Imaging

Since 1958, BMI Imaging Systems has been a leader in microfilm scanning services, microfiche conversion and document management solutions. BMI offers industry-leading scanning products from Canon, the ScanPro from eImageData and the ApplicationXtender document management product line from EMC Corporation. In addition, BMI has developed the Digital ReeL microfilm and microfiche scanning solution, which is available nationwide. Today, BMI staff consists of 80 employees, many who have been with BMI for decades. BMI converts an average of 3 million images per month. BMI serves commercial and government agencies throughout the United States and has developed a customer list of more than 2,000 accounts. BMI is headquartered just outside San Francisco in Sunnyvale, California, with an additional production and sales facility in Sacramento, California.