Microfilm Scanning Solution Video Series Now Available from BMI Imaging

Watch the second in our series of three microfilm scanning solution videos; video highlights adjustable grayscale image quality as a way to enhance the quality of your entire record archive when selecting a microfilm scanning vendor

Sunnyvale, California July 23, 2012 — BMI Imaging Systems, a leading provider of microfilm scanning solutions, microfiche conversion and document management services, released its second in a series of three videos highlighting important considerations for organizations evaluating digital microfilm conversion services in the market.

The second microfilm scanning educational video (two in a series of three) discusses how organizations can improve the quality of their entire record archive during the microfilm scanning service.

Many organizations with legacy records on microfilm continue to seek a microfilm scanning service due to unstable microfilm and the efficiencies and disaster recovery protection that come with digitizing records. When seeking a microfilm scanning solution, companies and government agencies should examine image enhancement as part of the overall solution. Microfilm scanning projects are one-time events and adding image enhancement features to the archive such as adjustable grayscale is a great way to bring images that might be unreadable on microfilm back to life in their digital state.

The microfilm scanning solution video explains the differences between Digital ReeL and standard microfilm scanning services with regards to image quality. The video demonstrates how the Digital ReeL microfilm scanning solution includes a feature called adjustable grayscale. Many microfilm scanning services may offer static grayscale as part of their solution, but only adjustable grayscale allows users to fine tune the quality of a particular image to optimize the quality of the image. In many cases, images not currently readable on microfilm can be brought back to life with adjustable grayscale.

About BMI’s Digital ReeL Digital Microfilm Scanning Solution

Digital ReeL is a practical, affordable microfilm scanning solution well suited for infrequently accessed microfilm archives. BMI will scan your microfilm to virtual, digital microfilm rolls at one of our secure facilities (on-site option available). The microfilm scanning service creates a virtual replica of your original microfilm or microfiche, scanning the entire microfilm roll or microfiche. No images are lost during the microfilm scanning process.

The Digital ReeL microfilm scanning solution includes a web viewer that emulates microfilm retrieval from a reader printer. Researchers retrieve digital microfilm rolls from a computer, avoiding the hassles that come with physical microfilm and legacy reader printers.

About BMI Imaging

BMI has been a leader in microfilm scanning, microfiche conversion and document management services for over 50 years. BMI offers industry-leading scanning products from Canon and e-ImageData (ScanPro 2000) and the ApplicationXtender document management product line from EMC Corporation. BMI has developed the Digital ReeL microfilm scanning solution. BMI’s Digital ReeL microfilm scanning solution serves organizations throughout the United States and has developed a customer list of more than 2,000 accounts. BMI is headquartered just outside San Francisco in Sunnyvale, California, with an additional production and sales facility in Sacramento, California.