BMI Contracts With Monterey County Recorder for Restrictive Covenant Modification Program

BMI Imaging Systems Contracts with the Monterey County Recorder to Help Implement Its Restrictive Covenant Modification Program

Sunnyvale, California – August 31, 2022

We’re proud to announce that we’ve contracted with the Monterey County Recorder (California) to help it implement its AB-1466 Restrictive Covenant Modification Program.

In September 2021, Governor Newsom (CA) signed AB-1466 into law, requiring the State’s County Recorders to find a way to remove “restrictive covenants” from their official records.

Realizing the difficulties inherent in locating restrictive covenants in land records, we developed a solution to help Recorders comply with the new law. Our AB-1466 software streamlines the process of locating, verifying, and redacting restrictive covenants so that the Recorder can submit modifications to their County Counsel for approval and re-recording.

By partnering with us and using our software platform for their AB-1466 compliance plan, the Monterey County Recorder can go forward confident that Restrictive Covenants will be accurately identified for their internal review and redaction.

Monterey County’s Restrictive Covenant Modification plan can be found here.

For more information on our AB-1466 compliance solution, we’ve included an overview here.

About BMI

BMI Imaging Systems (originally Bay Microfilm Incorporated) incorporated in 1958 as a microfilm service bureau, working with County Recorders to archive land records on microfilm. In the early 1960s, services were expanded to include preservation microfilming of the rare books and manuscripts of leading California Universities. A Library Microfilms Division was also established, working with over 200 newspaper publishers to preserve California local history for libraries and archivists. A reputation for service, precision, and reliability led to steady expansion of BMI’s government, education, and commercial clients over the next two decades. By the early 1990’s, the records management industry had entered the digital age and BMI was at the forefront of this evolution. Clients were meeting their electronic document management needs by having BMI digitize their records, with BMI installing and supporting on-site document management software solutions.

Today, BMI’s production capability includes two imaging facilities with a staff of more than 60 technicians. With a focus on quality, accuracy, security, and innovation, BMI provides custom solutions that fit the unique requirements of each of its customers. In addition to providing document/microform imaging and indexing services of the highest standard, BMI offers public tenant, private tenant, and CJIS (Criminal Justice Information Services)-compliant community cloud hosting services, enabling secure access to client data via the Web. BMI also provides systems integration services, implementing turnkey document capture, management, and workflow solutions. BMI employs an in-house software development staff, a project management customer support staff, along with IT professionals that support internal and Web hosting operations.