Preparing, Implementing, And Overseeing A Digitization Plan eBook

If you store information on paper hard copy, microfiche, microfilm, and aperture cards, you probably know the pains of storing physical records. Between taking up considerable space, creating risks and liabilities, and employing staff to manage records, physical storage comes with a world of irritation.

As we continue to become a more data-reliant society, physical records are becoming antiquated. In the 21st century, businesses can’t afford the risk of maintaining hard copy paper files and microfilm.

This eBook provides insights into the process of digitization, with directions on how to prepare, implement, and oversee a digitization plan.

This guide will cover the following topics:

  • The Benefits of Digitization
  • The Importance of a Digitization Plan
  • Preparation for Digitization
  • The Digitization Process
  • Post-Digitization
  • A Glossary of Important Terms

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