“I can’t say enough about every person I interacted with at BMI. The entire team – our account manager, project manager, scanning team and the pick-up driver – was friendly, prompt and accurate.”

– Rachel Baum | Project Manager


Landmark had a desire to digitally convert their historical records and import them into an existing system. Rachel Baum, Project Manager, states, “We were facing a lot of unknowns with this project and had never embarked on a large-scale document conversion project like this. We wanted our documents digitized and properly indexed for our existing system.”

Baum continues, “We selected BMI Imaging because of their experience handling projects of this type, and the security parameters in place with their facility and personnel.”


  • First-time managing a large-scale document conversion project.
  • Highly confidential records required secure process, starting with transportation of documents to the document conversion facility.


  • Document scanning solution that included PDF files and metadata load file for existing document management system
  • Highly secure facility with track record of successful digital conversion projects


  • Faster search and retrieval using existing digital document repository
  • Multiple digital copies ensure backup and disaster recovery in event of outage