Digitizing Microfilm In California

Eliminate Microfilm and Legacy Reader Printers by Digitizing Microfilm with Digital ReeL, Powered by BMI Imaging

Microfilm Digitization SolutionLet’s face it – physical microfilm is a hassle. Reader printers are decades old, they never work the way they should and no one wants to spend good money supporting old technology. Finding the right microfilm roll … mounting it and then scrolling to the right document(s) … it takes too much time! And if you are offering customers or citizens public-facing terminals … it takes a lot of hand holding to help them learn the process and find the needed records.

You know that digitizing microfilm would solve these problems but you haven’t done it. Maybe you’ve done some research before but found that digitizing microfilm solutions are too expensive. Not anymore. Introducing Digital ReeL, an affordable option that is priced per microfilm roll or microfiche sheet – no more than the price of making a microfilm or microfiche duplicate.

Video Overview – Digitizing Microfilm in Action

Case Study: Digitizing Microfilm for Alameda County, California

Digitizing Microfilm in CaliforniaDigital ReeL is the #1 solution for digitizing microfilm in California. Over 75% of California Counties leverage Digital ReeL in one or more departments today. Read how this California County discovered the right solution for digitizing microfilm. With Digital ReeL, Alameda County digitized legacy records from 1970-1850 from microfilm to an easy-to-access virtual repository with Digital ReeL.

Learn how other organizations all over the Nation are digitizing microfilm libraries with the Digital ReeL solution. View our library of case studies.

Digitizing Microfilm – How Does the Solution Work?

  • We facilitate the transfer of your microfilm rolls to our California microfilm digitization facility.
  • Our facility is NIST compliant, capable of digitizing microfilm with the most confidential government records.
  • Once we digitize your microfilm records, we include an application that resembles a reader printer; conceptually, we turn any computer station into an elegant, virtual microfilm reader printer.
  • Because we digitize the entire microfilm roll or microfiche sheet, users can easily scroll back and forth or zoom in and out just like they would with a physical microfilm roll or microfiche sheet.
  • Users locate records using your existing micrographic indexing; they type in the roll number, case number, volume, page … whatever your existing index structure is.
  • Full text search is also included so that users can quickly locate any record based on keywords and numbers.
  • Adjustable grayscale enhances tough to read words and grainy images into photo quality records.
  • Print, email and save from Digital ReeL; images saved as TIFF or PDF.

On-Site and Cloud-Based Options

Digital ReeL is offered as an on premise solution that your IT team will manage. After we digitize your microfilm rolls, we send the virtual microfilm and the Digital ReeL application to a member of your IT team. Digital ReeL is also available as a SaaS offering. If you are seeking a full turnkey solution, we’ll simply host your virtual microfilm from our secure data center. Users access Digital ReeL from a web browser from any system made available for access.

Digitizing Microfilm is Easy and Affordable – Contact Us in California

Digital ReeL makes it easy for staff, citizens and customers to search for and find records. Call us in California at (408) 736-7444 or (800) FLY-FILM and ask us for a 10 minute online demonstration.