Our BMI Imaging Systems Blog, Community articles are designed to showcase our interaction with our local community. We’ve had the privilege of being in operation since 1958, and we want to show our appreciation by working with local organizations to help those that are in need.

Supporting Our Community With Martha’s Kitchen Of San Jose

Most years, December 18th isn’t anything special at BMI. It’s usually just another day in the middle of the holiday season, pretty close to Christmas and very close to our annual employee Christmas party. But in 2018 it was a little bit different, and a lot more special, because a group of BMI employees from our Sunnyvale headquarters got together and headed to downtown San Jose for a morning at Martha’s Kitchen.

BMI at Martha's Kitchen in San Jose

Martha’s kitchen provides meals to the less fortunate in the San Jose area, and its motto is “Feeding the hungry with dignity, no questions asked.” Some of our employees remember being younger and going with their families to Martha’s Kitchen for a prepared meal, or they describe their spouses recounting similar stories. With such personal connections to Martha’s Kitchen, it seemed the perfect organization for us to volunteer at and give something back to the local community.

Our group of volunteers helped the Martha’s Kitchen staff by preparing food and setting up the dining area. Food preparation included peeling and slicing carrots, cutting oranges, mixing salads, and destemming grape clusters. They had a blast doing it in their hair nets, aprons, gloves, and all! The Martha’s Kitchen staff said we prepared so much food that they not only had that day’s portions ready, but also the next day’s; that’s the effort we like to see from our employees!

BMI at Martha's Kitchen in San Jose
BMI at Martha's Kitchen in San Jose

Though our volunteering lasted only two hours, the BMI management team paid our employees a full four hours since they had to leave their workstations to attend the event. BMI’s admin team knows how important helping our community is, and they want to support those that volunteer their time and encourage this kind of generous attitude.

All of those that participated were very happy to have spent a few hours helping others, and it lit a flame in our staff to provide more opportunities to volunteer for similar causes in our community.

Thanks to all that participated!

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Teal Run 5k To Support Ovarian Cancer Awareness

On Saturday, September 29th, a chilly fall morning, a group of BMI teammates met at Campbell Park in Campbell, CA to participate in the 4th Annual Teal Run. The Teal Run is a 5k run/walk event to support ovarian cancer research and awareness.

The morning started with some coffee and pastries, a cameo by Sharkie of the San Jose Sharks hockey team, and speeches by ovarian cancer survivors and the doctors that treat and support them. Once everyone was warmed up, the participants followed a path along the Los Gatos Creek trail until the path looped back to the finish line.

BMI is proud to have been able to participate in the Teal Run and support ovarian cancer research.

BMI Imaging Systems employees prepare for the 5k Teal Run

September is National Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month, and teal is the color for ovarian cancer research.

Learn more about the Teal Run at the event website:

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