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Our BMI Imaging Systems Blog, Security articles provide you with useful information about the methods and processes you should consider when converting and accessing your sensitive records. How do you access your records? Who converts them for you? Where are they hosted? Understand security and protect your records!

CJIS Compliance And Document Management

2019-04-06T08:07:03+00:00October 1st, 2018|Security|

What is CJIS? Does it apply to my records? Who can I talk to about this kind of thing? These are all great questions, and potentially they’re the ones that you’re asking yourself if you’ve landed on this article. What we’ll do here is give you an overview of CJIS, why CJIS compliance is important, and who should be concerned [...]

Moving to Cloud-Based Document Management

2019-04-09T06:31:39+00:00June 3rd, 2015|Document Management, Security|

A Focus on Security A number of reasons (both financial and strategic) are driving companies to online document management services from trusted vendors such as BMI Imaging. This shift away from traditional in-house approaches is well underway with more than 70% of organizations actively planning or implementing cloud technologies today (according to InformationWeek April 2015 survey). In the first of [...]