Managing the plethora of educational records and student transcripts can be a hassle. With compliance requirements, record retention policies, as well as penalties for FERPA noncompliance, it’s crucial to have a document management system that is able to meet all your needs. 

If you don’t have a digitized document system with the proper features and digital applications, routine tasks like sharing copies of files and protecting student data can be a stressful and time-consuming process for everyone. It doesn’t take long before dealing with microfilm and paper records day in and day out turns into a real pain point for employees, students, and customers. 

Digital files can be remotely accessed, exported, and securely stored in a matter of minutes. With digitization, managing records and processing transcript requests can be streamlined to increase efficiency and improve results for all parties. 

In this blog, we’ll describe three benefits that digital conversion helps to create for universities and educational systems: 

  • Mobility 
  • Accuracy  
  • Communication

Mobility – Access Solutions 

Digitization helps universities and school systems to provide the access solutions they need for today’s mobile demands. With mobile platforms, approved users can easily access the documents they need in minutes from anywhere in the world without sacrificing security. 

Access Your Content from Anywhere

  • Retrieve documents by searching for index values (e.g. last name, date of birth, student ID number)
  • Utilize text search to find records based on words or phrases 
  • Access content from any device, including desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones

With secured remote access to digital documents and student records, employees can be more productive and improve customer satisfaction with faster transcript request completion times. Imagine providing parents and students with the documents they need within a few minutes rather than having to make them wait days or weeks. 

Check out one of our clients’ experiences working with us for their digital conversion project.

client testimonial

Accuracy – Quality Solutions 

Before you begin your digital conversion project, you’ll want to know your files and data have been accurately captured, formatted, and indexed according to your project specifications. Remember to work with your scanning partner and discuss which software applications and tools are best suited for the success of your digitization project. 

To improve the accuracy of your project, it’s important to make sure that the digital scans created are as good as possible.

With tools like grayscale image enhancement, you can improve the quality of your scanned images and make adjustments as needed to help create an optimized version for your records. 

Quality Assurance

 It’s important to have good quality assurance processes in place. This will help to improve the chances of having accurate data once the project is completed. 

What is quality assurance? It’s the methodology that a firm utilizes ensure something is done accurately and correctly. 

With quality assurance and control processes implemented, you can ensure benchmarks and project requirements are met. 

Communication – Collaborative Solutions 

A digital document management system needs to foster collaboration and deliver mobile access, especially today with remote and hybrid roles becoming the norm across more industries. Despite many not being together in the traditional office setting, everyone still needs to work together. In order to be successful, your employees need the same access and tools regardless of where they work.

Once you digitize your records, the flow of information will improve as people can easily send and share electronic records. The ease of information flow and business communication can make or break your team’s productivity especially with hybrid and remote working environments.

Placing your digitized files in a single virtual records system reduces silos and centralizes your records storage, which provides mobile access to document systems and helps to improve cross divisional communication while enhancing collaboration throughout your organization.

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