How Long Will A Microfiche Scanning Project Take?

Choosing to scan your microfiche is a big decision, but how long does a microfiche scanning project take? Learn some timeline factors that will affect your project, including the quantity and type of microfiche, your indexing specifications, and the project's overall complexity. Three example projects are also illustrated.

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On-site vs. Off-site Scanning & Digitization

Should you have your records digitized on-site (at your office) or sent off-site (to a scanning company's facility)? Before jumping into a decision, consider the various factors including transportation, cost, speed of the project, and available resources.

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The BMI Microfiche Scanning Process

Do you have microfiche records you want to scan and are curious about how it's done? Our 11-step microfiche scanning process will show you how we convert your physical microfiche collection to digital files, covering tracking, preparation, scanning, digital delivery, and more.

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How Long Will A Microfilm Scanning Project Take?

Deciding to scan your microfilm is a big step forward, but how long does a microfilm scanning project take? Learn the timeline factors that affect a project, including quantity and type of microfilm, indexing requirements, and project complexity. We also detail three projects as examples.

2021-10-05T11:42:30-07:00April 6th, 2021|Document Management, Microfilm|

Scanning Large Format Documents

Scanning large format documents (such as building plans, engineering drawings, oversized books, and newspapers) requires specific methods of capture that goes beyond "normal" paper scanning. We'll describe the different large format sheet sizes, scanning methods, and output options that you have available for your conversion project.

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Digitization Is Not A Magic Bullet

Digitization can be a game-changer for your organization and create incredible data effectiveness and employee productivity. But it's not a magic bullet. Read about the 5 myths and 6 benefits of digitization to guarantee the success of your digital conversion project.

2021-10-05T11:41:28-07:00February 9th, 2021|Document Management, Microfilm, Paper, Security|
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