10 Questions to Ask When Researching a Microfilm Conversion Partner

So you are trying to Microfilm Reader Replacementtransition your organization from old microfilm cabinets and barely working reader printers to a modern, elegant electronic retrieval application. The process of digitizing your microfilm records is a bit more involved than one might expect. There is project planning, indexing, microfilm preparation and secure transportation of the records to the microfilm conversion partner facility. It is critical that you conduct the proper due diligence when deciding on your microfilm conversion partner. Here are 10 questions that should be asked of every potential microfilm conversion partner during the decision making process:

1) What is their primary business?

2) Do they have references?

3) What was their biggest microfilm scanning project?

4) Will the vendor accommodate your needs, regardless of if you need on- or off-site scanning?

5) Do they have cameras and security clearance at their facilities?

6) Do they conduct background checks before hiring employees?

7) How is their network security and document control?

8) What is their maximum processing capacity?

9) Age of their equipment?

10) Are their employees full time or temporary?

A microfilm conversion project typically takes several months to complete. If done correctly and with the right microfilm conversion service partner, your records will not only be digitally converted, but they’ll also be of higher quality. Technologies like full text indexing make retrieval a lot easier. Selecting the wrong microfilm conversion partner can cause delays, lost records during the microfilm conversion process and implementation problems. Getting answers to the above questions will help ensure that you select the right microfilm scanning partner that can make your project a success.

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