Schools and colleges all over the country are learning that microfilm scanning can be affordable!

If you work in a school office, you are probably used to working with thousands of student records, transcripts and other documents that are stored on microfilm (or paper). The law requires that student records be kept and archived for years and years. Filing and retrieving these records is inefficient and the cabinets they are stored intake up valuable space. Microfilm readers are not easy to deal with. Furthermore, what about secondary copies in the event a disaster strikes like a flood or fire?

Ever thought about a student records microfilm scanning solution? Maybe you have looked into converting those microfilm cabinets but found out just how expensive it is. We have developed a student record microfilm scanning solution that will free up all the space that those microfilm cabinets and reader/printers are taking up. Our microfilm conversion solution comes with an easy-to-use web viewer, making it easy to maintain student records and streamline daily retrieval processes.304 Student records that once would take hours, even days to retrieve, can be searched for and retrieved in a matter of minutes or seconds from an Internet browser application. Your student records will be digital and part of your broader IT backup and disaster recovery plan. You’ll no longer have to handle two separate microfilm libraries because secondary digital copies can be backed up off-site to securely protect student records from floods, fires, and other disasters.

Don’t think it could be done? It can and school districts, junior colleges and universities all over the country are learning how easy and affordable it is to finally convert those records from microfilm to digital. Read how Fresno State University solved their student record microfilm challenges with our Digital ReeL microfilm scanning solution.

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