Affordable Microfilm Scanning For Schools, Colleges, & Universities

Working with student records, transcripts, and other documents that are stored on microfilm can be a hassle. You’re required to keep them and provide copies for requests, but it can be quite a pain dealing with microfilm day in and day out. Filing and retrieving microfilm and microfiche is inefficient, and the cabinets they are stored in take up valuable space. And don’t forget the microfilm reader/printer machines that you have to use!

If you’d like to get away from hard copy records, you should consider scanning your microfilm into an electronic format. Once digitized, student records that once took hours to retrieve can be located and exported in a matter of seconds.

You have many options to digitize your microfilm, including “traditional” scanning (making PDFs, for example) and our Digital ReeL hosted archive solution. And if you’re using an electronic records management system to organize your files, we can scan your microfilm and import them images and data directly into your application. Whichever project path you choose, we’ll guide you through the scope creation and take you from start to finish using a custom project process flow. You just let us do the heavy lifting and we’ll make your project a success!

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